About TOMT 0-3
TOMT 0-4 is a task oriented, function focused, constraints led approach to early intervention for infants and toddlers with motor delays. 

The TOMT 0-4 website provides early intervention (EI) PTs and OTs with both theory and practical ideas for implementing evidence based movement therapy. 

Task Oriented Movement Therapy 0-3  
TOMT 0-4 uses a task oriented, goal directed, constraints led approach to intervention for infants  with motor delays.  

Training Guides 
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Active mobilization for infants
Sitting: development, assessment, and training
Standing: development and constraints led training ideas 
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R 10m sit to stand 7_1_0.jpg   R 11m triangle of boxes 3_0.jpg   pushing up into kneeling_2.jpg

Motor development video library
A growing collection of videos  illustrating aspects of the development of the gross and fine motor, communication and social abilities from 0-4 years.

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Task oriented, goal focused approaches to intervention  
►  Overview of different approaches to intervention,
►  Common developmental movement conditions 
►  Issues in motor control and motor learning

Concepts in motor control and development 
►Challenging assumptions and introducing new ideas 

Harnessing the power of determination and practice
After many, many, many practice sessions, the handstand is mastered! 

R-hand-stand-against-wall.jpg    R hand stand.jpg