About TOMT 0-3
TOMT 0-3 is a task oriented, function focused, constraints led approach to early intervention for infants and toddlers with motor delays. 

The TOMT 0-3 website provides early intervention (EI) PTs and OTs with both theory and practical ideas for implementing evidence based movement therapy. 

TOMT Blog 
Exploring new ideas. Challenging some old assumptions. Sharing AH HA! moments. 

Motor development video library
A growing collection of videos  illustrating aspects of the development of the gross and fine motor, communication and social abilities from 0-3 years.

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Task Oriented Movement Therapy 0-3  
TOMT 0-3 uses a task oriented, goal directed, constraints led approach to intervention for infants  with motor delays.  

Training Guides 
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Active mobilization for infants
Sitting: development, assessment, and training
Standing: development and constraints led training ideas 
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Task oriented, goal focused approaches to intervention  
►  Overview of different approaches to intervention,
►  Common developmental movement conditions 
►  Issues in motor control and motor learning

Concepts in motor control and development 
►Challenging assumptions and introducing new ideas