SfA Motor Development Video Library

A growing selection of video clips 
With notes  illustrating aspects of motor development 

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Month by month gross motor development 0-10 months 
These videos illustrate the motor abilities of Will, a typically developing infant, for each month.

These videos illustrate the different developmental abilities described by Lois Bly in her book Motor Skills Acquisition in the First Year: An Illustrated Guide to Normal Development.

Developmental trajectories - a longitudinal focus 
Video clips illustrating the infant development in supine and prone, and  of sitting, kneeling and crawling, standing, crushing and early walking. 

The videos illustrate the different items in the AIMS sub-scales. 

M 2w supported sitting.jpg  Will 10w sitting pelvic support 1_2.jpg  Will 4m2w sitting 4_2.jpg  W 7m2w sitting 4_1.jpg   W 8m sit 2_1.jpg    
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