TOMT 0-3 Online Training Guides

The TOMT 0-3 Training Guides are a set of online guides to the implementation of task oriented perceptual-motor training for infants and toddlers with developmental delay.   

TOMT 0-3 Training Guides 
Available now 
►  Active mobilization and stretching  
►  Sitting:development, assessment, training 
►  Up into standing, stepping, cruising and early walking
►  Prone to kneeling and crawling

►  Toddler training 

More about the training guides

TOMT 0-3 uses a task oriented, goal directed approach to intervention for infants and toddlers  with gross and fine motor delays.  

TOMT 0-3, like all task oriented approaches is grounded in:

  • a thorough understanding of developmental tasks encountered by infants and toddlers;
  • a constraints lead analysis of the factors that contribute to, or hinder task performance, including the structure of the social and physical environment. 

TOMT 0-3 is an ongoing project, with new material being added weekly.  

Max 9m sitting blocks 8_0.jpg  R 11 m sit to kneel at block 3_0.jpg   M 11m standing wais high support_0.jpg  W 13m step across 4_0.jpg

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