Infant TOMT: A Practical On-line Guide

The goal is to cover all aspects of the development of motor function, as well as guidelines for assessment and intervention for infants with developmental delay.   

Principles of assessment and intervention

Early intervention home page: theory, evidence based practice, principles
Why adopt a task oriented function focussed approach to intervention?    
Start with abilities 
Importance of developing a relationship
Motivating a reluctant toddler

Mobilization for infants 
Introduction to active mobilization

Assessment guidelines 

Index of assessment guidelines    

Video library
Development at different ages 

Head control
Development, assessment and intervention

Supine: kicking, reaching, rolling 
Development in supine - video clips 

Prone - creeping - crawling
Development, assessment, intervention

Development,assessment and training activities, bibliography 

Supported standing and cruising  

Development, assessment, training activities 

 Hand Tasks: Reaching, grasping, manipulation and tool use
Development, assessment, training activities

Video clips 
Infant hand use at different ages 

Social development and communication 

Development   Video clips