Insights into development in supine

A daily update to share my insights as I create the online tutorial covering supine development, assessment and ideas for intervention. 

Development as a story with many strands 

Each developmental trajectory can be views as a story with many different interwoven strands that  evolves over time. 

This series of annotated video clips provides and overview of how the different strands of the supine story evolve and interact with each other over time

Will 10w following dangled toy 1.jpg   Will 14w hands together.jpg   Will 31w supine 5.jpg

The strands of the supine story 

  • Attention: events and people in the immediate environment 
  • Emerging sense of self and intentional initiation of actions 
  • Head posture and movement 
  • Trunk stability 
  • Upper limb and hand actions - from spontaneous to goal directed 
  • Lower limb and foot actions 

10 weeks: transition period 

By 14 weeks typically developing children will usually have developed a strong orientation to the midline. 
However this is preceded by short period when the child is learning to keep the head and trunk steady and stable in the midline when the upper limbs are used as outriggers to help steady the trunk. 

However, if the child is provided with some lateral support in a small "nest" the upper limbs are released from their postural role and the hands are brought to the midline for hand play. 

Will at 10 weeks 

Will 10 weeks in a nest 

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Assessment guidelines: development in Supine 3-7 months 

You can view all the video clips demonstrating the changes over time here:  Supine annotated video clips

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Mintaze Kerem Günel (not verified)

very good sharing and education. thank you

Mon, 09/14/2020 - 09:03
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