Posting activities using common items found in the home

Posting objects through apertures is a favorite toddler activity.  

Around about 10 moths of age babies learn to intentionally drop objects held in their hands. With encouragement they learn to drop toys into a container with a wide opening. To do this successfully the baby needs to move the hand over the container and then let go so that it drops in. 

releasing toy ito a tin_1.jpg

With practice babies learn post objects into smaller holes. They learn how to accurately position the object above the hold so that when they open their hand it falls through the hole. 

W posting rod.jpg   18m posting rods.jpg

Easy posting: using a plastic yogurt tub

In this first video I show you how to make a posting box using a 1 liter plastic yogurt or ice cream tub for posting balls about the size of a pig pong ball. 

Word of warning: If you baby is in the habit of putting balls ito their mouths, make sure the balls you use are of a size that will not fit ito the mouth.


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