Sharing my delight and Ah Ha! moments

Over the last 6 months I have been reviewing and editing my collection of video clips of the development of my three grandchildren. 

Every now and then I come across a clip that delights me because it beautifully illustrates an aspect of development, or I have an Ah Ha! moment that make me rethink a particular assumption. 

In this series of blog posts I would like to share with you some of the clips that have led to such Ah Ha! moments, shifted my perceptions, challenged my assumptions or illustrated a  particular principle.  

I am starting with a favorite clip of the day Will (aged 4 months 2 weeks) learned to roll. I like this clip because it beautifully illustrates how  persistence and exploration are important drivers of infant learning. Leaving an infant to struggle a bit to achieve a goal allows them to experience the intense pleasure that follows succeeding at a challenging task.  (Listen for Will's chortle of delight when he finally manages to roll over after a period of struggle. 

This clip also illustrates the the concept of  learning through repeated perception-action cycles with embedded exploration and selection can lead to a rapid change in ability. 

In this clip you also see Will having an Ah Ha! moment of his own when he discovers how to use momentum to roll. Once he realize that  flexing both LE's and toppling over sideways provides the impetus for getting from supine to prone, he repeatedly uses this action to roll over. 

L 6m rolling 10_1.jpg   L 6m rolling 11.jpg      L 6m rolling 18.jpg   L 6m rolling 24.jpg      L 6m rolling 28.jpg   

Will 4 months 2 weeks
The day he learned to roll

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