Development of Hand Function

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Getting to grips with object exploration, handling and manipulation

How infants use their hands to grow their minds 
An overview of how encouraging hand function helps to develop infant attention and cognitive abilities. For parents on the SfA Developmental Gym website 

How to set up a play mat to encourage hand function (reach, grasp, manipulation)

L 13w  playmat 2.jpg   Will 16w playmat tensegrity toy.jpg

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Attention is the magic ingredient for learning new hand (fine motor) skills

A research based guide to observing infant object exploration  

Foundation manual behaviors birth - 5 months 

How infants use their hands to grow their brains  (On the SfA Infant and Toddler Developmental Gym website)

Videos and analysis 

0-6  months

6-10 months

10-18 months 

18-36 months