A library of scenarios and case studies

For therapists new to early intervention, planning an assessment, interpreting observations and selecting and adapting activities for training movement skills, all within the context of a family centered, coaching approach, can be daunting. 

I have been toying with the best way to present the large amount of information needed to support in-depth clinical reasoning when assessing an infant and planning intervention. One idea is to present a number of scenarios of infants at different ages with different levels of disability with suggestions for assessment and intervention. 

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The ideas presented in these scenarios are informed by a task and context oriented approach, and a hands-off strategy to providing infant's with the perceptual-motor experience they need for improving their motor abilities. Motor learning is promoted by providing the infant with many opportunities to engage in movement tasks by adapting the environment and the task to allow the infant to intentionally initiate the movement sequence needed to achieve a goal.  

The scenarios - more to follow 

The 2-3 month old infant with developmental delay 

A 12 month old infant with significant delay