My toy cupboard: a box of jars with lids

I have a collection of  jars  with screw top lids of different sizes which can be used for many different activities. These are a great favorite of toddlers who are practicing screwing lids on and off. 

Below are a few ideas for activities. My experience is that toddlers will often make up their own tb games. 

jars 6.JPG

I take of all the lids, and encourage the toddler to put them back on again which requires matching lid to tub. 

tubs 2.JPG

Another game is to pack the tubs or lids into each other and explore which ones can go where. 

tubs 1.JPG

And off course they can be stacked in different ways. 

stacked tubs.JPG

Store the tubs in a box. Then packing out and packing away becomes another game. 

Video: Will playing with tubs and lids 
Will has played with this box of jars and cannisters and lids many times so he knows what is inside. 

W putting on lids.jpg

There are a few things to notice

►   Will's persistence and engagement with the activity.  But despite his single minded attention to what he is doing, he is aware of my presence in the room and responds to my voice. In other words he is fully engaged but not fixated on the task. 

►   Will hunts in the container to find the right lids. 

►   The cannister lid  does not go on easily, but Will persists and tries different approaches to solving the problem. 

►   When he has difficulties fitting the lid on the cannister, he tries a larger lid, which fits but is not a satisfactory solution. 

►   Watch how he stabilizes the cannister with one hand to remove the lid.

►   Some of the time he is grasping a second lid in his right hand - and despite needing a two handed approach to fitting and taking off the cannister lid, he keeps on holding the lid in his right hand. 

►   Eventually he manages to fit the lid. He knows to push it down to get a good fit. 

►   When he cannot get the lid off the cannister after much trying, he requests help. This important to note - despite his single minded focus on the task he is aware of my presence.  And requesting help is another option for getting the lid off. 

►   He does not get fixated on the cannister, but moves on to playing with the red  baking powder tin. 

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