TOMTI Guide to Assessment and Intervention

The goal is to cover all aspects of the development of motor function, as well as guidelines for assessment and intervention for infants with developmental delay.   

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Principles of assessment and intervention
► Principles of Task Oriented Movement Therapy for Infants (TOMTI)
► Start with abilities 

Mobilization for infants 
► Introduction to active mobilization

Assessment guidelines 
►  Index 
2-3 month period
 1  Purpose and first impressions   
 2  Assessment in supine 
► 3 Assessment in prone 

 4  Pull-to-sit and sitting 
► A video Typical and atypical development at 2 months

8-15 months 
    8-12 months with developmental delay
►   12-15 months: What to include in the assessment 
   12 mo plus with marked delay: suggestions for assessment and intervention 

Overview by age - development and assessment 
► Birth to 3 months 
► 4-6 months

Motor development: newborn to early walking

Supine, kicking, early reaching, rolling
► Index 
► Overview of postural development in supine 

 Newborn infant 
 Will at 5 weeks 
 1-2 month period 
 3-4 month period
 5-7 month period - videos 
The day Will learned to roll across the room 
   Supine assessment 2-3 months  (with checklist) 
Training activities 
► Max at 12 weeks (CA 6 weeks)  Using bells to enhance kicking 
 Roan at 17w (12 weeks CA)   Atypical development 

Head control and pull to sit 
 Birth to 12 weeks 
► Pul-to-sit development

 Neck flexionm mobilization to improve pull-to-sit 
 Active stretching to improve neck and back stiffness

Prone - creeping - crawling
 Development in prone: newborn to crawling - overview 
5-12 weeks - videos
    5 weeks - videos with notes 
    7-14 weeks
    3-4 months - videos 
    5-6 months - videos 
    7 months - videos and analysis 
    8-12 months - videos 

 Newborn to creeping 
  Activities for training kneeling and transitions from sitting to kneeling 

► Overview 
► Development of sitting:  trajectory from birth to active independent sitting
► Assessment of sitting: introduction 
 Sitting with high trunk support
► Sitting with pelvic level support 
► Sitting independently - with minimal external support 
► Training activities  

►  Sitting: bibliography

Supported standing and cruising
 ►  Development of standing with hand support   
 ►  Infants who won't put their feet down to stand

   Development of standing - from 8-12 months 
►  Guide to assessment of standing with hand support  (with PDF checklist)
Intervention and training guides 
  Training activities -index  

Social development and communication 
   Development - video clips 

Hand function
► Index 
►  Attention is the magic ingredient for learning new hand (fine motor) skills 
►  A research based guide to observing infant object exploration  
►  Foundation manual behaviors birth - 5 months 
►  How infants use their hands to grow their brains  (On the SfA Infant and Toddler Developmental Gym website)

  Infant hand function birth to 6 months 
  Infant hand function 7 - 15 months 
  From object exploration to goal directed actions: 10-18 months  

Hand function tutorials 
►  Index to series  of posts exploring the development of hand function from birth to 24 months

Video clips and analysis 
►  0-7  months: figuring out how to use the hands to explore the environment  
►  8-15 months: exploring object properties and affordances
► 15-36 months: goal directed actions