TOMT 0-4 Online Training Guide

The TOMT 0-4 Guide is an online modular guide to task oriented early perceptual-motor intervention for infants with developmental delay.  

TOMT 0-4 uses a task oriented, goal directed approach to intervention for infants and pre-school children with gross and fine motor delays.  

TOMT 0-4, like all task oriented approaches to movement therapy is grounded in a thorough understanding of developmental tasks encountered by infants and young children, a constraints lead analysis of the factors that contribute to, or hinder task performance, including the structure of the social and physical environment. 

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Active mobilization and stretching for infants 
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Sitting: development, assessment and training
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Planned modules
Each module covers typical development, assessment and intervention strategies of a developmental pathways for the different fundamental motor abilities: 

  1. Sitting - available now 
  2. Prone to kneeling and crawling - available in July 2017
  3. Reaching, hand function (fine motor) and tool use 
  4. Development in supine: kicking, reaching, rolling 
  5. Up into standing, stepping, cruising and early walking 
  6. Toddler walking,  negotiating obstacles, steps, stairs, running and jumping 

    More about motor control, development and movement conditions   

Task oriented, goal focused approaches to intervention 

  • Overview of different approaches to intervention,
  • Common developmental movement conditions 
  • Issues in motor control and motor learning

Concepts in motor control and development 

  • Challenging assumptions and introducing new ideas 

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