Assessment at 2 months

At two months the typically developing infant has developed the strength and coordination to: 

  • maintain the head in midline,
  • actively turn the head to track an object,
  • start stabilizing the head and trunk in supine when the limbs are moved;
  • extend the hips and lift the head in prone 
  • keep the head steady and erect when supported in an upright position

This Pathways video provides a good introduction to the assessment of  these basic motor abilities seen in Marty a TD infant at two months.  The video also shows the abilities of an infant, Owen, who has poor motor function.  

Planning intervention for Owen, the infant with DD

A task oriented, constraints lead approach to intervention for Owen would begin with identifying ways to adapt the environment and the task to allow him to start to explore his ability to engage with the environment. 

What additional information would you like to have about Owen's abilities to guide you in designing intervention activities?