Exploring the complexity of infant development - 5 minutes at a time

A series of 5 minute tutorials to enrich your understanding, knowledge and observation of perceptual-motor development 

Pam Versfeld    2 September 2019 

Today's tutorial 6 September 2019

2 Infant behavior in supine: Will at 5 weeks 

How has Will's behavior in supine changed after  5 weeks of experience of being in the world, dealing with gravity, finding out about his body and interacting with the social and physical world. 

In the first section of the video clip you see Will lying quietly. His UEs and feet are resting on the SS.


  • Postural sway in the trunk  
  • Changing contact between the trunk and limbs and the support surface 
  • Feet exploring contact between support surface and each other. 

During period of vigorous movement 


  • Large variety in the movements of the upper and lower limbs - reaching, swiping. bilateral and reciprocal kicking. 
  • Stability of the head and trunk to support these movements  

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Will at 5 weeks in supine - with bibliography  

Previous 5 minute tutorial 

1 Infant behavior in supine at 5 days: spontaneous movement and starting to explore the new environment

Time  lying in supine when awake and alert provides infants with their first opportunity to independently explore their own movements and relationship to their physical and social environment.  See: What does the infant learn in supine? 


  • Periods of active movement and quiet periods, often associated with visual attention to events in the environment. 
  • Spontaneous and intentional movements bring the hands to the face.
  • Visual attention to hands 
  • How limb actions destabilize the trunk. 
  • General movement involving the trunk and limbs
  • Visual attention to events in the environment 

W 6d look at hand 3.jpg   W 7d LE actions 7.jpg

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Supine infant at 6 days: detailed description and bibliography