TOMT Infant and Toddler Subscription

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Included in your TOMT for Infants and Toddlers subscription

0 Tutorials in movement analysis 

1 Task Oriented Movement Training for Infants: A Practical On-line Guide
Development, assessment, intervention 

2 TOMT for Toddlers
Ideas for assessing and training toddler gross motor skills Read more

3 Development of hand function 

4 Active fascial mobilization for increasing ROM in infants and toddlers 
Active mobilization combines the principles of PNF hold relax, with Maitland longitudinal techniques, neural mobilization  and mobilization with movement to produce an immediate increase in range of movement. Read more 

5 Video library of gross motor development  
This collection illustrates the gross and fine motor development of Will at different ages, starting at 5 weeks, and then at monthly intervals until 9 months when he is active in sitting, crawling, pulling up to standing and starting to cruise. 

These video clips provide a useful adjunct to the the description of development in Lois Bly's book Motor Development in the First Year.

6 Charts and checklists 

The tracking development charts are designed to allow therapists and parents to track an infant or toddler's progress collaboratively over time

TOMT Assessment of Standing notes-page-005.jpg    TOMT Assessment standing with support-page-001.jpg

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