TOMT for Toddlers

Toddler gross motor abilities  A brief description of all the locomotor, agility and climbing tasks a toddler needs to master 

Task Oriented Movement Therapy  (TOMT)
Building the case for a principled, structured, systematic approach to early intervention one blog at a time
How the embodied infant learns through experience

Why do toddlers trip, fall and bump into things? 
And a  principled and task oriented approach to assessment and intervention

How and what toddlers learn through experience 
Importance of learning to fall well
How toddlers learn to fall without hurting themselves 

How toddlers learn about cliffs, gaps, and inclines
Learning about affordances in the environment 

Visual pickup for stepping up and down 

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Hand activities for toddlers 
Video clips illustrating a range of activities for training hand skills 

M17 threading hand position 4_0.jpg  T  19m blocks into tube 3_0.jpg   W 3y 2m  turning cup one hand 1_0.jpg

Standing up, sitting down and squatting and rising to stand 
Squatting and sitting down  
Standing up from floor sitting 
Standing up and sitting down on a step
More training ideas 
Learning to bend the knees in supported standing.
Activities to train strength and balance in supported standing

will 18 m squat to stand 1_1.jpg  W 15m stand up 35_1.jpg  W 15m stand up 33_1.jpg  R 4y stand up from floor 3_1.jpg   

Stepping up and down 
Stepping up: task analysis  
Training stepping up

W 32m step up 4.jpg  W 32m step down 4.jpgStep up low step touch support_1.jpg

Obstacles, gaps, uneven ground and stepping stones
Stepping over obstacles: training ideas 
Walking on a bridge: training ideas

Learning to jump down: analysis and training ideeas
Jumping off two feet: analysis and training ideas 

Toddler Gross Motor Tasks Checklist
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The TGMT Checklist is a list of all the basic motor tasks a toddler should master by the age of 2-3 years.  The Checklist allows parents an overview of their toddlers' strengths and weaknesses, and identifies tasks that need to be practiced.

Each task is briefly described, goals are identified and space is provided for recording progress towards achieving each goal. 

You can download a sample TGMT Checklist please register as TOMT User  (this is free) and then click on this link: TGMT Checklist Sample PDF

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