TOMT for Toddlers

TOMT for Toddlers is a work in progress
With new material being added on a daily basis

The Plan 
The plan is to provide an analysis of all the movement tasks toddlers are expected to acquire, along with suggestions for assessment and training. 

For each task there will also be an instruction sheet written for parents and teachers to facilitate home practice of skills. 

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Toddler Training: available now

Toddler gross motor abilities  A brief description of all the locomotor, agility and climbing tasks a toddler needs to master 

Stepping up - open access for August
Task analysis
Training activities
Parent instruction handout. 

Toddler Gross Motor Tasks Checklist

Available to TOMT 0-3 subscribers 

The TGMT Checklist is a list of all the basic motor tasks a toddler should master by the age of 2-3 years.  The Checklist allows parents an overview of their toddlers' strengths and weaknesses, and identifies tasks that need to be practiced.

Each task is briefly described, goals are identified and space is provided for recording progress towards achieving each goal. 

You can download a sample TGMT Checklist please register as TOMT User  (this is free) and then click on this link: TGMT Checklist Sample PDF

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