Concepts in motor control and development

Building the case for a principled, systematic and structured approach to early intervention

 Development of hand function 
This week: Will at 9 weeks: looking, reaching, fingering.  

Will 10w on playmat.jpg      

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A principled, systematic and structured approach to early intervention

Building the case for a principled approach to EI
Four principles we can all agree on, and one important idea that is often neglected

Notes on theory 
Postural sway as exploratory behavior  
Concept of savings and priors  
A guide to infant object exploration 
From exploration to task oriented action 

For subscribers From theory to practice 

Infants and toddlers 
Hand tasks 
Shaking toys: exploring the boundaries of rapid repeated actions 
Young children 
Crossing the midline - a matter of trunk stability and motor planning
Bilateral coordination 
Planning for end state comfort 
Looking ahead: visual pickup for planning a walking path
Cutting with scissors 
Putting on socks