This week's tutorial

Knocking-over-towers game 

In this video clip you see Max and me playing a game of knocking over towers: I build a tower and Max leans forwards to knock it over. Max is my grandson, so I am seen here both in the role of caregiver and therapist. 

Therapy goal 

The therapy goal for this activity is for Max to practice moving from sitting to prone kneeling.You will see him moving forwards, taking weight on both arms and then reaching forwards with one hand to knock over the tower. 

Max 13m tower game 8.jpg

In order to control the  direction of the reaching hand, Max needs to also adapt and control the forwards movement of the trunk over the lower limbs. 

Max 13m tower game 5.jpg   Max 13m tower game 6.jpg

Play elements

Max is happy to play the game I have introduced and reaches forwards to knock ove the towers I build. But he also takes time to incorporate a favorite activity, which is rolling the cups, and at one point he also tries to stack the cups.

I respect Max's show of autonomy and do not interfere with these diversions from the game I have set up.

Max signals that the game is over 

After several minutes of this game, I get up to close the curtain to shut out the sun which has come out from behind a cloud and is causing a very bright spot on the mat. 

There is a delightful moment where Max tries to catch the dust motes in the sunbeam. 

Max 13m tower game 3.jpg   

When I get back to the mat Max indicates that he has had enough of playing with the cups by pushing and kicking them away. When I do not take notice of these signals, he starts to voice his distress in a way that makes me notice and I change the activity.