TOMT workshop pre-reading and links

Task Oriented Movement Therapy for Infants

Presented by Pam Versfeld

Pre-workshop reading

What are solution focused assessment and intervention in EI guidelines
Closing the gsp between assessment and intervention within a family -therapist collaboration. 

Ways to enhance perceptual-motor learning
Infant self initiated action and repeated opportunities for practicing new skills is central to developmental systems approaches to intervention.

In this article I provide an overview of ways to enhance engagement and learning. The video clip nicely illustrates how infants need to be given an opportunity to figure things out of themselves.  and how we as play partners can get in the way . 

The GAME approach: principles for EI

This TOMT website article provides a summary important principles of the GAME approach
For a more detailed description with links to supporting research see GAME (Goals - Activity - Motor Enrichment): protocol of a single blind randomised controlled trial of motor training, parent education and environmental enrichment for infants at high risk of cerebral palsy. BMC Neurol. 2014 Oct 7;14:203.

Perception-action loops and motor learning

A brief introduction to how infants learn through repetition and exploration when engaging in goal directed, self-initiated actions. 

And lastly a brief article on an infant’s the emerging sense of self.