Development in supine: Max and Will at 12 weeks

This is the third post in the series on development in supine. In this post you see two infants in supine: Max 12 weeks (A 6 weeks) and Will at 6 and 12 weeks (post full term). 

The comparison between Max's abilities and those of of Will at  7 weeks  (Max's CA) and 12 weeks (Max's age) provides insight into differences in development between preterm and TD infants. 

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Max supine 12 weeks (CA 6 weeks) 

In these two video clip you see Max (aged 12 weeks  - CA 6 weeks) in supine.

There is a lot going on in these clips: take time to notice:

Max supine - alone in the room

In this clip I have left the room.  he is only wearing a diaper, so you clearly see his trunk shifts and breathing action. 

Max supine - with Pam moving about the room

In this next clip, I am moving about the room and max shifts his attention between me and his hands which from time to time move into his visual field. 

Will 7 weeks in supine

It is interesting to compare Will at 6 weeks (born at term) with Max at 6 weeks CA. 

Will supine at 12 weeks

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