Infant in supine: Will at 23 weeks

Suggestions for watching this clip

In this clip you see Will (23 weeks) lying supine and  playing with toys while at the same time exploring contact between his feet and the mat he is lying on, with intermittent short bouts of kicking. In

I suggest that you watch the clip once to get a general impression of Will's actions in supine. 

Follow this by watching the clip paying attention to the trunk and LEs. You also want to watch another time playing the clip in slow motion. To do this click on the gear in the bottom left hand corner of the video frame. 

Lastly re-watch the clip paying attention to the UE actions. 

Will 5 months 

Supine and kicking

In this clip you see Will (23 weeks) holding and manipulating toys while at the same time exploring contact between the feet and the mat. 

Most of the time at least one foot is resting on the support surface providing additional support for maintaining a steady trunk as he reaches for and plays with the toys. 

Will 23w  supine posture 2.jpg

Notice in particular how he pushes down with bot feet when he reaches to a toy that is just out of reach. 

Will 23w  supine posture 5.jpg

From time to time Will does a single kick, mainly with the right leg. When he kicks both feet are lifted up off the support surface (SS). These kicking actions are rapid and require effective recruitment of the trunk stabilizers to hold it steady. 

Supine and playing with a toy 

Will is deeply engrossed in exploring the toy that he has in his hands.  He holds his head steady and tucks  in his child to look down to focus on the toy. 

As is typical at this age he:

  • visually inspects the toy and pays attention to his hands;
  • holds the toy with one hand and uses the other to finger it;
  • passes the toy from one hand to the other;
  • brings the toys to his mouth;

Will 23w  supine posture 2.jpg    Will 23w  supine posture 3.jpg

Will 23w  supine posture 1.jpg      Will 23w  supine posture 3.jpg 

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