Infants at 5-6 months

Over the 5-6 month period infants start to interact with the environment in a more purposeful manner as they gain upright control of the head and trunk, begin to move about independently in prone, and  use their hands to actively explore the properties of objects. 

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Overview of development at 5-6 months

Supine development    
5 months   5-7 months 
5 months    6 months
Prone  to early prone kneeling  
Overview 5-6 months    Videos 5 months  6 months   
Hand function  
Foundation manual behaviors birth-5 months    Will at 4 months   Will at 5 months 

Assessment and intervention strategies and  
Supine head control: Assessment and training
Sitting   Assessment overview 
Prone    Assessment and intervention strategies 
Hand function  Observation and assessment guidelines 

More resources 
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