Infant hands 8-18 months: index

Bilateral coordination - a motor planning issue

Infants use two hands together from 3 months 

Finger and spoon feeding 

Lily 9m eating an apple wedge 

Lilly 9m eating a piece of peach 

Lilly eating rice bubbles 

Support and pull apart 

Playing with tumblers  Updated with new commentary

Pulling cap off a marker 

Fitting together 

Fitting lids 

Lifting and moving big objects 

Lifting and moving big bottles   Updated  with commentary on fundamental hand abilities 

Unpacking a basket of big bottles 

Moving a foam wedge

Clothing peg games

Put on, pull off and post 

Throwing and catching 

Learning to catch a ball: Roan 10m playing with Pam  

Throwing blocks into a tub

Posting activities 

Posting rods and disks 

Posting long rods into a bottle 

Posting a disk into a slot 

Posting long and short rods

Building towers 

Building a tower with ice cream tubs