Notes on Infant Perceptual-Motor Development

Chapter 3: 3-4 month period now available 
A series of PDF articles covering infant development from birth to 15 months

I will be adding a new article every few weeks - each one covering a 1-2 month period.   

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Chapter 3:  3-4 month period

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1  Newborn Infant: 0-4 weeks

This article describes the perceptual-motor abilities (in supine, prone, sitting, upper and lower limb movement , visual attention) of the infant in the first few weeks, with an emphasis on the importance of  the infant's first experience of using available resources to interact with the social and physical environment and start to form the perception-action loops that are the foundation for goal directed, intentional movements. 


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2   The 1-2 month period (4-12 weeks)

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3  The 3-4 month period (12-20 weeks)