Hand function: using the hands to get things done

Development of hand function - birth to 15 months 

R 13m stacking cups 3.jpg   R 11 sitting crate 2.jpg   T  19m blocks into tube 4.jpg

Inspecting and exploring new toys 
From about 9 months infants, when an infant is presented with a new toy, they will habitually engage in a series of actions: shaking, banging, turning it over, mouthing passing it from hand to hand. 

Will, 9 months, inspecting unfamiliar toys  
In this series of video clips you see Will engaging in this inspection routine 

Shaking, banging, drumming 
Shaking disturbs balance 

Max exploring different ways to shake a set of bells 

Drumming game - with lots of social interaction 

Posting activities
Will's posting skills improve with experience: a video series 

Posting rods into a bottle 

Taking apart and fitting together 

Separating tumblers 

Building towers 

Building a tower of tubs 

Building cardboard box towers 

Threading activities 

Threading beads

Playdough play: manipulating soft compliable materaks 

Playdough play: squeeze, poke, pull, roll, plat, pull apart and put togetehr again

Picking up and moving large objects 
Infants enjoy the challenge of picking up and moving large or heavy objects. These activities challenge balance, strengthen trunk and limb muscles, and require attention to the destabilizing forces that occur. 
Roan moving a small crate 

Max unpacking a box of bottles 

Building cardboard box towers 

Ball activities 
Ball games: from early throwing and catching to aiming at a target 
A series of video clips from 10 months to 3 years 

Playing skittles
Using different throwing strategies combining LE and UE strategies 

Toddler throwing and catching bean bags