Infant development, assessment and intervention strategies

Ages and stages 

Newborn - 4 weeks 

1-2 months   Start of intentional action 

3-4 months   Early exploration 

5-6 months   Learning to sit, roll and exploratory hand actions 

7-8 months   Independent sitting, crawling, pull to stand and goal directed exploration, pull to stand and starting to cruise  

9-12 months  Cruising and walking 

Developmental trajectories - a longitudinal focus

Social development, communication and social play

Hand tasks (fine motor development)

Head control 3

Supine, kicking, rolling, reaching

Prone, kneeling,up onto all fours and crawling


Up into standing, cruising and early walking


M 2w supported sitting.jpg  Will 10w sitting pelvic support 1_2.jpg  Will 4m2w sitting 4_2.jpg  W 7m2w sitting 4_1.jpg   W 8m sit 2_1.jpg    
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