Practicing sitting balance - an Amy Sturkey video demonstration

Below is a video clip from Amy Sturkey's You tube channel. 

In this video Amy shows an exercise for training sitting balance. 
Amy nicely illustrates how she adjusts to level of support needed for the infant to maintain the trunk erect. 

Take a look and evaluate the training session with reference to the different factors that enhance motor learning.

A good place to start is to define the task that is being practiced. How does this task differ from the task of sitting on a mat on the floor which provides a stable hard surface?

Factors that influence perceptual-motor learning in infants

► Infant actively engaged in solving the motor problem

► Repetition and active exploration.   

► Self initiated, intentional and goal directed actions. 

► Visual attention, anticipation and prediction.

► Learning is task specific

► New learning starts with present abilities 

Amy Sturkey demonstrating a sitting exercise

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