My cooperative play abilities

After reading the study by Ragnhild Håkstad and colleagues,  Let's Play. An observational study of primary care physical therapy with preterm infants aged 3–14 months, I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at my own play skills and ability to play in a cooperative manner with infants and toddlers. 

So I started to review the video clips of me playing with my three grandchildren.

  • Do I get it right at least some of the time?  
  • How does my play behavior differ with each child?
  • Am I show sensitivity to, and respect for,  each infant's intentions, goals and efforts to communicate their likes and dislikes?
  • Do I  support each infant's efforts and autonomy needs and  make adaptations to foster  continued cooperation?

At the same time, am I able to stay within framework of the intervention goals and tasks that are being practiced? 

I thought it would be interesting to share my journey with other therapists, and to get their feedback. To this end I will be posting a new video clip each week and really hope that visitors will use the comment box to provide feedback. (Each clip wil be available for one week only.)

You can access each week's new clip here: Let's Play: this week's clip

Will 8m hands to head.jpg