Sitting: Will at 7 months

At 7 months Will is able to sit without support, but his balance is still precarious and he falls over from time-to-time even when playing quietly. Here you see Will falling over, but as his fall is contained by the foam block, he is able to right himself again. 

Will 7m sitting 6.jpg   Will 7m sitting 7_1.jpg   Will 7m sitting 8_1_0.jpg

With the support of the raised surface provided by the foam blocks, Will is able to rotate to the left and the right and reach across the body. 

Will 7m sitting 3.jpg   Will 7m sitting 1.jpg

Will sitting 7 months 2 weeks 

Will's sitting abilities at 7 month 2 weeks illustrate all the characteristics of sitting seen in infants who have recently learned to sit independently. 

He is able to maintain his balance as long as he stays with his COM aligned over his base. 

W 8m sitting 1.jpg 

When he reaches sideways and props on his arm, he is not able to come upright again, instead moves to prone kneeling and then to prone. 

 W 8m sit 2_1.jpg   W 8m sit to kneel_1.jpg Will 7m2w sitting 5.jpg

If provided with a changed environment - in this case a 10 cm high foam block to his right and left, Will  is able to explore  a range of different options for reaching and sitting. 

Will 7m2w sitting 7.jpg  Will 7m2w sitting 8.jpg 

 Will 7m2w sitting 9.jpg   Will 7m2w sitting 10.jpg

Although he still has difficulties moving from a sideways leaning sitting position, at least when he does topple over backwards, his fall is broken by the foam blocks. Notice that Will manages to control his head as he moves backwards. 

Will 7m2w sitting 12.jpg 

Will 7m 2w sitting 

Will 7m 2w sitting 

Will's balance in sitting has improved with practice. 

He now displays fast and adequate balance responses, which means that he falls over less often. 

W 7m2w sitting 1.jpg   W 7m2w sitting 2.jpg   W 7m2w sitting 3.jpg   W 7m2w sitting 4.jpg

He reaches far forwards and comes erect again, and is able to turn his head and look upwards.  

   will 7m2w sitting reach side 18.jpg  will 7m2w sitting reach side 2.jpg

He is able to reach across the body to retrieve a toy, and come upright again. 

will 7m2w sitting reach side 5.jpg   will 7m2w sitting reach side 8.jpg

Video: Will 7m 2w playing in sitting 

Will 7m 2w - transition to prone 

Will is also learning to move from sitting to prone kneeling but control of this action is still developing, and he moves into prone kneeling. 

Will 7m2w transition to prone.jpg   Will 7m2w transition to prone 1.jpg   Will 7m2w transition to prone 2.jpg


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