Supine development: Max 12 wks (CA 6 wks)

Max supine CA 6 weeks 

In this set of video clip you see Max (aged 12 weeks  - CA 6 weeks) in supine and Will aged 7 and 10 weeks. 

There is a lot going on in these clips: take time to notice:

Max supine - alone in the room

In this clip I have left the room.  he is only wearing a diaper, so you clearly see his trunk shifts and breathing action. 

Max supine - with Pam moving about the room

In this next clip, I am moving about the room and max shifts his attention between me and his hands which from time to time move into his visual field. 

Will 7 weeks in supine

It is interesting to compare Will at 6 weeks (born at term) with Max at 6 weeks CA. 

Max with bell tied to right LE

Notice how the Max changes his kicking pattern as he explored the effect of moving his LE on the tinking of the bell. 

Max with bell tied to his right arm

The bell tied the right forearm can be seen and heard.