What's in my toy cupboard 12-18 months

All neatly packed on shelves and easy to access

Scroll down the page and you will see that most of my favourite toys come from the recycling box, and the others can usually be found in various cubboards in the home. 
I keep a supply of the recycling items to give to parents so that they are immediately available. 

Tools and materials for adapting the recycling items
I keep a few tools handy for cutting and changing the recycling items for different purposes
A cutting knife and cutting mat

Cold glue, packaging tape, coloured duct tape. 

Plastic tubs 
Packing and unpacking, fitting lids, building towers

yogurt tubs .JPG

Egg boxes and trays 

big_egg_box.JPG   egg_box_container.JPG

Plastic bottles of different sizes 


Tubs with screw top lids 

tubs 4.JPG

A collection of cardboard boxes

cardboard boxes.JPG

Some larger sturdy boxes 
These can be used for building larger structures or storing toys

box tower.JPG

A set of colored tumblers 

 tumbers.JPG   bottles and tumblers.JPG

A set of pegs 


pegs_1.JPG     pegs-on_box.JPG

Cloths, scarves, cloth bags 

scarves.JPG   scarf_in_bag.JPG

Metal jar lids 


Magnetic wand, rods and balls

cans and magnet rods.JPG


A selection of smaller balls 

Make sure that the smallest balls are too big to be out into the child's mouth. 
These can be used for throwing and catching games, packing and unpacking and posting. 

Balls for catching, throwing  and kicking 
I like to have several soccer sized balls. This is a good size for throwing, catching, rolling and kicking games. 
Have a few plastic balls and at least on soccer ball. 
I also keep a ball pump at hand to keep the balls pumped up hard.  

A collection of beanbags 

I have a collection of beanbags of different sizes, weights, colours and textures.
Beanbags can be used  for packing and unpacking, stacking, throwing and catching games
Beanbags are easy to make using old socks.  

A selection of dolls of different sizes
A large baby doll with some baby clothes is often a real winner with toddlers. 

A box of small interesting toys and objects 
Toddlers love unpacking a box of small toys.  Rattles, squeaky toys, small animals will keep the child engaged and in one place. This is useful if you want to mobilise and hand or foot. 

Larger cardboard boxes

Larger cardboard boxes can be used in many different ways.  Flatten them for storage and keep a roll of packaging tape handy for  opening them up again. 
If you have space to store them, the large flat boxes that are used for fruit can come in handy.