Understanding development: a dynamic systems approach


Concepts covered in this presentation

Dynamic systems perspective 
A developmental systems approach to understanding infant development asserts that development is a process of self-organization, among multiple factors, within the organism and without, driven by interactions and experiences. (Ulrich 2011) Read more

Perception-action loops with embedded exploration and selection
"We argue that this repeating cycle of perception and action and the processes of exploration and selection embedded within provide meaningful experiences to create valuable and effective interactions within the environment, which ultimately will lead to tuning our interactions more closely to our intended goals.”   Corbetta et al 2018   Read more 

Complexity and developmental cascades 
Development, is a process that creates complexity by accumulating change.and any new change begins with and must build on those previous developments.  Linda Smith (2013)  Read more 

Thinking about therapy

Here are two videos of physiotherapy aimed at improving an infants ability to kneel facing a raised surface. 

First watch this clip of me working with Lily. I use my knees to stabilize her knees under her hips. She is responsible for supporting herself on her arms, taking weight on her upper limbs. She is also actively engaged with  toys that really interests her.

Take a look at this clip on YouTube. The physiotherapist is demonstrating a number of ways you can encourage a baby to take weight on hands and knees, so she is moving quickly from one activity to another. 

However, as this is a demonstration for parents, I would think that think that one needs to emphasize the importance of getting the child to work towards a goal and put some effort into the activity.  From what we see in the video, the therapist is doing much of the work and the motor planning for the child. 

Consider the kneeling facing a cushion activity.  Thinking about the importance of active engagement with a task , building on present abilities, and the importance of repetition and active exploration,  what might you do do differently in a session with this little fellow?   

Toys that motivate a a child to reach and engage are a very important part of a successful training session. Does the toy interest the child? 




Maria Pamela Palanca (not verified)

Thank you for the presentation.
A variety of toys can be presented, one at a time. That is when thr child looses interest o the present toys or activity

Thu, 09/03/2020 - 03:53

very nice lecture. thank you.

Thu, 09/03/2020 - 15:53
Sarah Effler (not verified)

I was wondering if you have the objective lists and a certificate that can be used for CEUs in the USA

Wed, 03/24/2021 - 02:32
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