Developmental Movement Therapy Online Course

Using a solution focussed, task and goal oriented approach 

Together these tutorials will provide therapists with the knowledge and skills needed for functional assessment of perceptual-motor development, and for collaborating with caregivers to select training goals and figure out how to integrate opportunities for training into the daily routine.

The DMT Course is an ongoing project.
It is offered as a series of tutorials each with a video presentation, with a new tutorial offered every two weeks (DV). 
Below is a list of the planned tutorials with a link to the tuts that have been completed. 


1    Understanding development: a dynamic systems approach 
In progress - organising resources 
2    Principles of a solution focused task oriented approach
3   Newborn infant abilities provide the substrate for the developmental cascade 
4   Head control and early handling
 Supine - birth to 6 months 
6   Upper limb and hand function - overview
7   Prone: overview, assessment, intervention 
8   Sitting: overview, assessment, intervention 
9   Up into kneeling and crawling: overview, assessment, intervention
10  Up into standing with support and cruising 
11   Using the hands to get things done 
12   Early walking