Tutorials in movement analysis

An opportunity to build your knowledge and skills and challenge your assumptions, one video clip at a time.

Each week I will post 1 or 2 tutorials each with a video clip which highlights an aspect of development, providing an opportunity to improve your ability to analyze movement using the most-up-to-date theories of motor learning. 

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Movement analysis 

Latest tut: The development of head control and caregiver handling

Max 9w handling 1.jpg

Tut 3  5 weeks supine and the emerging sense of the body and self

W 5w swipe 7.jpg

Tut 2  Newborn spontaneous UE movements and variability

W 5d UE hand to mouth.jpg

Tut 1  Newborn in supine and perception-action loops 

W 7d supine notices hand 1.jpg

Hand function 
Toddler fitting lids 

W putting on lids.jpg